Wednesday, May 13, 2009

St George

We just had the most fantastic weekend in St. George! Thanks to everyone who let us stay at their house, who fed us and made the whole weekend fabulous. Here are some of the highlights, there are a lot of pictures so buckle up.

Lucy girl playing with her friends!





All dressed up ready for the pool! (little did I know that less than 10 minutes later the carrots that she is being fed would be all over both of us and pool time would be over......)

After a seriously delicious dutch oven dinner, the boys tore it up with a wicked game of horseshoes, too bad none of them knew how to play very well so the games ended up taking like an hour. haha.

Tracy was cool enough to know about this little place so we decided to go out to lunch there.

the girls!
They also have these there. You think, oh it's just a regular cupcake. WRONG. They are the most amazing cupcakes ever. Here is the progression.

First you start off with your cupcake like this.

They are so good you must eat them with a fork so you can share them.
Then after only mere seconds they have evolved into this.

And less than a minute later ravenous wolves (ok, it was us) have gotten to them
and this is all that is left. Yum!

I jus chillin.

Lucy had her first adventures in the pool. She took to it a little bit
but was much more comfortable in the bathwater temp hot tub.
She loved swimming with Daddy!

We couldn't resist having Lucy take some pictures for her modeling portfolio. On Thursday night we got to see this guy at Tuachan.
I was so mad I forgot my camera!
I think he has got to be the most hilarious guy EVER.
Seeing him live was definitly worth it!

And lastly, who could ever have a bad weekend when you get to
get ready for the day in this bathroom?!
and this is only PART of it!

In case you were wondering, this is the CLOSET that Lucy took some naps in,
I think it is bigger than her room at home.

What a seriously amazing weekend. Much needed vacation, relaxation and of course


I'm ready to go back right now.


Walkers said...

It sounds like the weekend was awesome!!! We're sad we missed out!

And, i can only imagine getting ready in a bathroom like that... one day when i make millions i'll have a place like that... {and that's when i keep dreaming}.

Such cute pictures! all the kids are adorable!

Stephenson and Katie said...

Lucy and her friends sure are cute!!! And she looks adorable in every pic- seriously she's the best dressed kid ever!!
And now I'm craving a cupcake... dang it!

Paul*Cat*Hallie said...

Oh how heavenly were those cupcakes! AMAZING! Lucy looks so cute, love the poses on the Ferrari! You got some great pics! It was such a fun weekend!

Kristi said...

Looks like such a fun trip! Why can't I have a bathroom that big? My whole room could fit in that hahaha Lucy is beautiful! When are you going to come back east to visit?!

tracylayne said...

K if everyone keeps posting these pictures about St George I think I am gonna go crazy and have to plan another trip...