Friday, September 26, 2008


This might be the time of year when I miss NY the most. It is so beautiful there in the fall and sorry Utah but you just can't compare. Everyone here thinks the leaves change and its great but they have no idea what they are really missing. 2 months of beautiful comfortable temps, cute sweaters with no need of a jacket, scarves and cute hats without the rest of the bulky winter attire. Here we are only offered about a week of "fall" that is disguised as the week between when the temp goes from 90 to 50. Oh well, we have to take what we can get. Atleast we still get apple cider! Yumm. And pumpkins. I was so excited about fall this year for some reason, maybe because it signifies the closing in on my due date for baby, but for whatever reason I just couldn't wait. I already put up my fall decorations and set out candy corn for lucky visitors :) It just needs to cool down a little during the day for it to feel more like it!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Bump Watch

I was planning on having Brady take a pic for my 30 week post anyway, then I heard on the radio that they were having a baby bump contest and decided it would be fun to enter. Since I have a baby bump and all. Voting starts tomorrow and if you want to it would be fun and you can vote at Im #137. :) Anyway, things are still going well and I will finally admit that cravings are a part of pregnancy....haha I haven't really been craving anything specific but things sound really really good and I can't get them off my mind unless I have them. Its really hard to have any sort of self discipline! Rough times haha. I will post pics of the baby room but I still have to put up curtains and do a few more finishing touches. I got all the painting done though which is nice because I am sooo tired again! I have no energy and its rough I feel like it takes so much self convincing to do anything! Oh well Brady is wonderful and supportive and understanding so it's all good. I can't believe Im almost 8 months, crazy but good! We are getting really excited for baby girl to make her debut.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


We just got back from a wonderful trip to St. George. We were lucky enough to go with the Laynes and the Coonradts. Tracy's parents were gracious enough to let us all crash at their house and it was soo nice. It felt just like being at home, perfect for vacation! When we go to Cali to visit Brady's family it is like a true vacation. No work, no school, no time schedule or responsibilies just pure relaxation and chill. That was how this vacation was and it was exactly what we needed. We have tried to go on several vacations this summer and for one reason or another they have all been cancelled. When this opportunity arose we jumped on it! Brady has been working hard all summer and definitly deserved a break, which this trip definitly provided. Not only were we able to relax, swim and play but Tracy's parents have peach trees and yes, they are in season! Oh my goodness it was incredible. Think of anything you could eat that has peaches and is delicious and we probably ate it. Peach pie. Waffles with peaches on them. Peach cobbler..or slobber as Tracy says haha :) Peaches Peaches Peaches. Not only that but we were sent home with almost a whole 5 gallon bucket full! Unbelievable and delicious. The only downside of the whole weekend...Brady and I got burned swimming on the last day.....the car ride home was a little rough but lots of aloe and a few days later we are recovering. Thank you Jon and Tracy for a great weekend!