Saturday, January 7, 2012


A few pictures of what we've been doing this winter.  We were lucky enough to be able to have Grandma Cathy come be with us before and spend Christmas with us.  It was really fun.  Ruby has such a personality, she always makes scrunchy faces and I finally got one on camera!  After that we headed down to Arizona to surprise Brady's family, the park pictures were all taken there.  Lucy had a great time visiting with her cousins she doesn't get to see very often.  We also celebrated Ruby's first birthday.  She had a great time, was very interested in the candle on her cake and, yeah, got a litttle too close! Not a huge deal though, luckily!  The girls were really cute on Christmas, we got Ruby a little piano because that girl can dance! She hears music a mile away and she really knows how to move, it's hilarious.  We gave Lucy my dollhouse from when I was 8, I cleaned it all up and it still looks new, she loves it.  Enjoy!