Saturday, December 5, 2009

The 1 year old LUCY!

We celebrated Lucy's 1st birthday last Saturday, the 28th.  Really?! 1 year?! Where have I been this whole time, I can't believe she is a toddler already! Take a look at the fun festivities :)

Sweet Lucy Girl

Some decorations!

 Patiently waiting for her cake.  We stripped her down to her diaper and bib, hoping that she would dive 2 fists first into her cake.  Instead, we got this.....

Some dainty little girlness :)
She would only "dive" in with one tiny finger at a time! It finally got going once Brady crammed her fist into it and she got a real taste of the deliciousness that the cake had to offer.

She was SUPER happy after all that sugar!

Thanks to all who came to celebrate with us! We had such a good time!
While I'm at blogging, which I have been a major slacker lately, I'll do Lucy's 1 year appt.

We took Lucy in for her 1 year appt on Monday.  Again, seriously, 1 year?! Everyone told me I would feel like this but I still can't believe it, pick my jaw up off the floor.  I have a beautiful, smart, fun, growing, 1 year old girl.  Crazy.

At 1 year, Lucy is

Walking (since 10 mo actually!)
Talking....a little, Hi is her new favorite word.  We've also heard her utter "uh oh", "oh wow" and "hey" and of course lots of Mama and Dada
Climbing! Up and down her little tikes play gym that has taken up residence in her room thanks to Grandma Cathy for her birthday.  She LOVES that thing.  She also climbs up legs, bodies, toys, couches, anything she can get her little legs on!
Going down the slide by herself, so cute!
Signing a lot! She does.....more, all done, eat, please, drink,
Getting to know her face, she knows where her nose and ears are!
Sitting front facing in her carseat, barely! She is JUST 20.5 lbs in the 38%, still our little petite one :)
Finally wearing some 12mo clothes.  Shes still in 6-9 jammies and onesies with some 12mo mixed in there.  Shes still long though, 29in, 85%, definitely 12mo pants, even though they fall off her belly.
Waving bye bye
Very friendly, she says hi and plays with EVERYONE when we go out.
Still going to people very well, not too much apprehension for strangers yet!
Very very cuddly.  Just in the last little while this has come about and let me tell you, I LOVE it.  She is super snuggly and it is the sweetest thing ever.
Getting a little picky, her new favorite food is clementines.  She is still a good eater but she has to feel it now and smash it in her fingers before she tries it.
Starting to love playing with other kids, finally! It's so nice.
Powering up any and every set of stairs she can set her sights on.  Going down is another story.
Sleeping like a champ.  12 1/2 to 13 to sometimes longer at night and 2 naps 1 hour to 1 1/2
Has 8 teeth, 4 top and 4 bottom, and the Dr said she is close to breaking her molars, eeeekkkk!

We love her so much and can't believe she is so big already!


Happy Birthday Lucy!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Grandma Cathy

We just had the most amazing visit with my Mom.  It just breaks my heart that we have to live so far away.  We are always thinking about you and are already looking forward to when we get to see you again Grandma Cathy.  We love you!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween with The Lucy

Happy Halloween! My first one!

Cousin Lilly as the Cowardly Lion, Cousin Emma as Dorothy and ME as the Wicked Witch!
(No, we didn't plan this!)
and Cousin Alice was even Glinda the Good Witch!

I'm so intrigued with sweet Beckham's costume :)
Adorable Macey and I
My first time with any candy, can you tell? I won't let go! Look at my friend Hallie as the cutest piggy ever!
(Tara you looked freakin awesome!)

Last week, Mom and I got to go to a ward party (even though it wasn't our ward!) I dressed up as a Deal or No Deal model with some of my friends.
A little bit scandelous, perfect!
Yes, I got to wear makeup and curl my hair! This is me and Howie, sorry Hallie, but he's all mine :)

Mom took me trick or treating at the nursing home in Bountiful. It was really fun! I walked the whole way and even picked out my own candy! I was very cooperative and let her take some pictures of me outside the home with all the pretty leaves.

I LOVE candy now ever since I got my first taste of a Dum Dum. Mom is pretty scared because I can even suck through the wrappers. I collected quite a bit and can't wait to taste it :)

I totally underestimated Halloween with Lucy! It was SO fun! I had so much fun dressing her up, making her costume and showing her off :) She even kept her little hat on which totally threw me for a loop, I thought for SURE she would yank it off, but I'm so glad she didn't! Already looking forward to next year!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 3 Universal Studios

Day 3 was Universal Studios. I was totally looking forward to this day! Unfortunately it was the worst weather day. It was raining most of the day, but we had to go because we didn't have any days to spare! Despite the rain, it was a fun day. It started off a BIT rocky. First of all, we didn't plan to go to Universal that day but because of the rain, we decided a rainy day would be better there than Sea World in the rain. So because of the change of plans, we get a total late start. Then, we had looked it up earlier in the week and for some reason were under the impression that it was MUCH closer than it was so that put us back even farther. THEN we get there and park way far away without realizing it. So, Brady and his brother go to move the cars to the closer parking lot, which should have only taken like 5 minutes. A few minutes later, his brother shows up, but no Brady. Poor Brady had gotten lost :( At this point it is like 1:45 and we JUST found out that the park CLOSES AT 5! Who does that?! So, everyone else goes in so that they can get the most out of what little time we have left but Lucy and I waited for Brady because 1. I wanted to be with him and 2. He had my ticket into the park. So, a half hour later, Brady shows up and we get into the park. It's 2:15 and we have less than 3 hours to experience the entire park. SOOO we get there and call and call and call his family to see where they are but no one answered because they were on rides and in shows and stuff so we decided to go around ourselves.
Lucy and I hiding while waiting for Brady right outside the bathroom where there was shelter from the rain. Don't you love my sweet umbrella I bought?!
We were unaware that this Sudio Tour is THE THING to do at Universal. Since we didn't know, we went into Shrek 4D and the last tour left like 5 minutes before we got out of that show.
Luckily, everyone else in Brady's family got on it so we got to hear all about it, so we can atleast pretend that we went on it :)
We tried to save her, but Jaws was too strong....look closely, she has an ENTIRE baby carrot in her mouth.
This Simpsons ride was AWESOME. and I hate the Simpsons.
This Shrek 4D this was pretty cool (not as cool as the tour would've been...) but it was fun. It was like LOUD and SHAKY and Lucy still managed to be like this when we got out....

I'm pretty sure Brady could take on the Hulk

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 2 San Diego Zoo

I swear ever since I have been alive I have been DYING to go to this zooLucy and her cousins
and of course, Lucy NEEDED her own koala....she didn't let go of that thing practically the entire time we were there
Pandas, so cool! This zoo is HUGE!
Lucy got to pet a "real" elephant
Big cats

This zoo seriously was so awesome. Brady and I didn't know that it closed at 5 (why would they close then?!) so we just kept going around while the rest of the group waited for us in the parking lot (we didn't know!). But as a result of our ignorance, we got to see the entire zoo except for one small area. It was a lot of walking but I like to think that my calves are reaping the benefits :)
Driving home on the freeway this was a nice surprise! It was super dark but we seized the opportunity and snapped a few pictures.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Beach and Disneyland Day 1

We got there late Saturday night but first thing on Sunday it was the beach for us! It was only about a 1/2 hour away and so beautiful!

It was Lucy's first time at the beach or in the ocean.
She loved it! Except it was a little cold.
But Daddy took care of that, wrapping her up in a nice big towel.
Aunt BJ did her hair in pigtails for the first time! To die for cute.

Waiting in line and riding "Alice in Wonderland"

Toad and Peter Pan
Lucy was totally fixated on all the rides, she just looked around and loved them!
How cute is this?!
After a long day in her stroller, she likes to relax
She was such an ANGEL. More to come!