Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween with The Lucy

Happy Halloween! My first one!

Cousin Lilly as the Cowardly Lion, Cousin Emma as Dorothy and ME as the Wicked Witch!
(No, we didn't plan this!)
and Cousin Alice was even Glinda the Good Witch!

I'm so intrigued with sweet Beckham's costume :)
Adorable Macey and I
My first time with any candy, can you tell? I won't let go! Look at my friend Hallie as the cutest piggy ever!
(Tara you looked freakin awesome!)

Last week, Mom and I got to go to a ward party (even though it wasn't our ward!) I dressed up as a Deal or No Deal model with some of my friends.
A little bit scandelous, perfect!
Yes, I got to wear makeup and curl my hair! This is me and Howie, sorry Hallie, but he's all mine :)

Mom took me trick or treating at the nursing home in Bountiful. It was really fun! I walked the whole way and even picked out my own candy! I was very cooperative and let her take some pictures of me outside the home with all the pretty leaves.

I LOVE candy now ever since I got my first taste of a Dum Dum. Mom is pretty scared because I can even suck through the wrappers. I collected quite a bit and can't wait to taste it :)

I totally underestimated Halloween with Lucy! It was SO fun! I had so much fun dressing her up, making her costume and showing her off :) She even kept her little hat on which totally threw me for a loop, I thought for SURE she would yank it off, but I'm so glad she didn't! Already looking forward to next year!


Malerie said...

how fun! Christmas will be a blast with her, i'm sure!!!
She made an adorable little Witch! and i'm so impressed with the costume... stop being so perfect!

Stephenson and Katie said...

That costume is seriously AMAZING! I think you need to make her a christmas tu-tu!! It was a super fun halloween!!

Dial Family said...

She was just as adorable as ever... no wicked about it. I am LOVING the model costume. HILARIOUS!! We had sucha blast seeing you guys. Glad we got to see some of her FIRSTS in Halloween trick or treating. It's so much more fun as they get older too... esp when you have a few more to add to the list. Loved it!!

Paul*Cat*Hallie said...

Sweet little Lucy girl! Halloween is SO much better (for me anyway) with kids! Being a parent makes all those things fun's pretty freakin' awesome!

Chris and Tara said...

I love those pictures in the leaves. Gorgeous.

Michelle said...

That costume is amazing :) You put us all to shame.

tracylayne said...

I love love love lucys little halloween tutu thingy. So stinkin cute. It's getting close to 1 year-old picture time!

Sami said...

How cute is(are) her costume(s)?! I love that house. Adorable! And I can't believe she is walking now! EEK!

The Parks Fam said...

Cutest little witch EVER!!!! I pray I have a girl next time so I can have you make me a cute tutu like that one! ;) Too cute for words!

Cassurie said...

So I have to say I'm loving the Deal or No Deal deal! So cute!!!!!