Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baby Time

So I finally get to post about something really exciting! We've been waiting till the end of the first trimester but now that it's over and Im 13 weeks we are telling everyone that we're gonna have a baby :)

We found out 2 days before Brady's birthday which was March 31st if that gives you guys any idea how long we've been keeping this secret. I originally wanted to do something cute to tell Brady but he was kind of expecting it so he was there when I took the test, we left and came back 3 minutes later and looked together. It was so exciting and such a great moment to share together. We've been to the doctor twice and have already heard the heartbeat. That was pretty incredible. Im due to November 26 which Im pretty sure is the day before Thanksgiving. Also, I loved! Katie Rammel's blog when she was pregnant and posted pictures every few weeks of her growing belly so Im totally stealing that idea. Here's my first one.

13 weeks

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

American Idol Tonight

I know she got voted off but she's my favorite. Anyway, A.I. is at my house tonight, 270 Caleb at 8:00. Everyone is invited! Just show up :)