Wednesday, November 26, 2008

40 Weeks

This is what I want to be doing on Friday :) Yes, it's true, my baby counter on the side over there says 40 weeks. Today is my due date and yes, I'm still pregnant. Baby has decided that she will decide the date, not my counter. Ill have to talk to her about that when she gets around to being ready. Haha. I'm actually pretty relieved that she is not here yet. I would be very grateful if she were to let me enjoy the next few days with family and the whole Thanksgiving fun and shopping. I feel really good. My Dr. says that if she doesn't come before then he wants to try to induce on Monday or Tuesday of next week. We will know if that will happen on Sunday night if we get a call from the hospital. Pretty short notice!! So that's all that's going on. Thanks everyone for calling and checking up on me! We will let you all know as soon as she makes her debut!

Monday, November 17, 2008

38 1/2 Weeks

Well, 39 on Wednesday and woah! Getting really close :) I'm still feeling good, not terribly uncomfortable or anything. Plus suprisingly I have been sleeping really well! which I am taking full advantage of because I know it won't be that way for very much longer. Baby is getting huge inside I swear she's gonna come out 5 years old for how much she sqirms and kicks. Brady is really excited and I am really nervous...but I'm sure things will go fine. Finally, a pic.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So I'm pretty sure I'm to that stage because all of the sudden having the desire to clean out and organize under your sink just doesn't seem natural.....

Monday, November 10, 2008

Girls Night!

Or IN!! So a few of our husbands have been trying to get the word out and get together with whoever else thats a guy that wants to go to the new James Bond movie. They are planning to go on the 17th. Im not sure what time but if your hubby wants to go have him contact Ryan Sorenson so that they can all arrange when to get tickets. Anyway, since they can't have ALL the fun!, we were thinking that while they are at the movie we should have a girls night! We can go out or stay in or go out to dinner then come back and do something, I don't know. So, comment if you are in and if you have any ideas!! Spread the word, we love everyone and everyone is invited, even if your hubby doesn't want to go to James Bond! :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Photo Tag

The Rules: Go to your picture files. Pick the 4th file, and the 4th picture in it.
Tell a little about the picture. Tag 4 friends or family.

My pic:

I laughed so hard when this ended up being the picture. This was taken Christmas 2006 and that little cutie is my nephew Jack, 2 months at the time but he just celebrated his 2 year birthday! This Christmas was Brady's first real one at my house since we had been married and this HUGE Crunch bar was one of the family gifts that he got to open. It was soo funny when he opened it cause seriously, isn't it the LAST thing you expect? I mean where/who/how do you even get a Crunch bar like this?! Apparently my Dad did some business with a guy who had connections at Nestle and I guess they give these out for certain events or something, anyway, my Dad is awesome and ended up with this one. We put the babies next to it just to give a little size comparison. My dad ended up having to cut this thing with a table saw, its not the kind of candy bar you can break in half and make a s'more out of I guess, even though we were tempted. Where would you get the graham crackers for that??...
Here's one more:

I Tag: Anyone who wants to do this, it's pretty fun!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our Halloween Adventures

So this Halloween for us was sort of an uplanned final harrah before baby comes. We ended up going to 6 parties with 5 different costumes!! I am officially done with Halloween for probably about a year, oh wait that's perfect since it won't come again for a year haha. Luckily we were able to figure out the vast majority of our costumes from things we already had. I made things, we put things together, we dreamed up all sorts of creative solutions and it was a blast. It started out with our ward party on the 18th which we were in charge of, and took off from there. For that party I dont have any pictures but we were a 50's housewife and the milkman. Then on the 24th we went to Michelle and Zacc's awesome murder mystery party where I was a whore that ran a brothel and Brady was one sexxxxy spray tanned indian chief.
Then the next night on the 25th we went with Nate and Monique to a party with their friends where we did the milkman again and here are the pictures of that. We won the best couple prize it was really funny.
2 days later we teamed up with the Darlings and invited the whole neighborhood to cram into our house for a party! For that one we dressed up as Juno and Bleeker and have to say it was probably one of our favorites, I mean c'mon who can pass up shorts like Bleekers?
That party was soo so fun thanks everyone for coming!! After that we had a little break, until Thursday that is haha. On the 30th we went to the Griffiths for another murder mystery which was blast! I was a gypsy fortune teller and Brady was a frankenstein like monster who was a ballerina/musical theater junkie. I just want to say that I couldn't love this guy any more I swear he is always up for a good time and I just love how he is confident enough to dress up like this.....

Then on actual Halloween, which by the time it came I could swear it has already passed, we went to the Putmuns for their last minute murder mystery with some of their friends . For that one I was a french maid and Brady was a jazz muscian.

That's about the sexiest french maid costume I could pull off being 9 months pregnant. Haha. We had soo much fun this year for Halloween I just couldn't believe how fast it went!! The only downside of being so busy was that all of the sudden I'm due in 3 1/2 weeks and Im can't believe it! Ahhh! I have some 35 week maternity pics to post so Ill do that soon, even though they're a little late. Well, I hope everyone else had a fun Halloween season, we sure did! Thanks everyone! :)