Monday, August 23, 2010


We started out the summer by spending some time at our friend's cabin.  Lucy had her first experience on a 4 wheeler.  I'd say she's a natural!
Throwing rocks into the river, what could be more fun?!
About 2 days after that Lucy and I headed out to New York to visit my family.  Here she is with Great Grandma Barbra.  I'd say she loved her instantly :)
Sitting at the counter in the house I grew up in. My mom keeps these tiny glasses around just for when the grandkids come.  They are perfect for her little hands.  She enjoyed OJ every morning just like this.  She was in heaven.
My older brother and his wife Dorothy got sealed in the Palmyra Temple and I was lucky enough to be there for it.
Lucy loved all my mom's flowers.
She got to eat out on the picnic table, it was so beautiful there.
Every day was spent like this!
If you know me you know that Mark's Pizza is the best pizza ever and it's only in NY! I had to get my fill of it for the next year while I was there and of course I had to introduce Lucy to it.  She loved it, but if she hadn't, I don't think she would really be my daughter.
She loved getting a bath in the sink by Grandpa Mark.
On the porch
Her first experience with a snake!  She wasn't even scared!
Cupcakes with Grandma
Feeding the ducks
Relaxin in the hammock.  This sums up our time there, it was so relaxing, we had the best time ever.
A few days after we got home from NY, literally, like a week and half, we headed to California to spend some time with Brady's family.  Lucy got quite familiar with the pool and otter pops.
We went to the Exploratorium.  It was so cool, Lucy loved it!
On the way home, we got stuck in traffic and I turned around and apparently Lucy was keeping herself entertained by doing this.
San Fran
The next day we headed to the beach. 
By the end, Lucy was pretty tired!
 Sunday Lucy in CA

About 2 weeks after we got back from CA, we headed to Lake Powell with some friends!
These boys actually got this whole thing OUT of the water at one point, it was quite a sight to see.
The gorgeous view that we enjoyed every day while staying on this gorgeous houseboat. 
I think houseboat is a bit of an understatement....
Good friends

While we were enjoying Lake Powell, my wonderful sister was kind enough to watch Lucy for us.  Lucy had the best time with her cousins!
Hamming it up with cousin Katie
Play Doh with cousin Jack
Towel babies
Lucy would do just about anything for a popsicle...
I love this picture of my little doll

This summer has been crazy fun! We're going to get the most of out the last days of it that we can!

             Sunday Lucy in CA. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tracy Layne Photography

My first post in FOR-EV-ER and it's a good one! Check out this giveaway by Tracy, she is an amazing photographer, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed!

Tracy Layne Photography Giveaway!