Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Ruby is slightly obsessed with this little red guy. This is not even close to her whole collection but the girls compiled this much this morning!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Princesses and Hair

The girls had a few friends over the other day. They all dressed up and set out their own tea party. It was so cute. A little while later as I was putting Ruby down for her nap, Lucy and the other girls found a pair of scissors and had some fun with their hair. Not good. I was hoping I would wake up and it would be a nightmare. Nope.

The girls LOVE bath time!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pretty please

Ruby has developed an adorable habit. When she wants something she says 'pitty peas' (pretty please). It is unbelievably adorable. Seriously I can not resist. The other day we were on our way home and she kept asking to go a playplace, pronounced 'paypace'. I couldn't even handle its cuteness, I pulled into the closest germ infested fast food playground and let her play for 15 minutes and she was over the moon.

Then there's her strawberry tooth smile. Classic.


Hazel finds her feet now. It's super cute.

She also likes to play on Daddys computer while he is trying to study!

We still swaddle her and she loves it but she is getting rather big, take a look! She likes to peek out :)

Busting out

Too much oatmeal cereal?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Big baby Hazel

Hazel is growing so fast! She rarely gets a bottle but all of the sudden when I gave her one the other day she could hold it by herself!

She is an awesome snuggler, I had to snap a pic, I love when she lays down on me after I'm done feeding her, so sweet.

This little hoodie she wears has tiny little ears on it, every time she wears it I can't help but think if how much my Dad would have loved her in it because of those little ears.

Some Ruby

A local Gymnastics place offers open gym on Wednesday an we went last week. Everyone loves it but Ruby especially
She jumps around the house just to get from point A to point B so when she gets on a trampoline and some big bouncy mats she is in heaven!

A little Lucy

We went to the library the other day, the girls love it. They have a pretty awesome storytime with songs and puppet shows too! We go abt once a week and they pick out books and we read them all week!

Lucy is turning into such a great helper, when I do the laundry she folds the hand towels and has becoming quite the pro at it!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Story and Car time

The girls love books so much! I found them like this the other day reading to Hazel, precious! Also, Ruby sits like this all the time in the car and when she's watching TV or relaxing. I love it!