Friday, June 6, 2008


Okay so I know I'm such a slow poster. Brace yourself, this is a looong one. We went to Vegas last Thursday and Friday and it was soo fun! We went down with Katie and Stephenson and unfortunatly if you want to see any pics of the 4 of us together you should check out her blog cause picture taking is not my forte....anyway, here are some pics!
After laying out at the pool for a bit, we went in a got ready to go out. Thursday night we walked all around the strip. We went in this mall full of stores we couldn't afford

Even the toy store was too expensive! Haha I wish I had gotten a pic of the 500 dollar stuffed Rhino they had. But, we did have fun on the keyboard..

Also, Brady was fortunate enough to make friends with this nice lego man.....
awwww give him a hug!.......
Oooops! Looks like the lego man had to take it a little too far.......
Poor Brady has to hide his face now from the scary lego man....
After that we went and walked around some of the casinos and ate at this delicious mexican resturant inside the Venitian. It was right on the water where they do the gondola rides. We went in a little early that night because we were all tired from the trip. But, no complaints here cause our hotel room was SOOO nice. I wish I could've picked it up and implanted it in our house. Oh we were loving it. Friday was basically a non stop party. First we all ate breakfast at this little resturant in the casino which had french toast to DIE for! Then Brady and I played tennis while Katie and Stephenson went to their friends sealing. Then we went to the pool and laid out and waited for them to get back. When we were sufficiently full of second hand smoke, nasty girls in tiny bikinis and drunk guys who think taking their cell phones in the pool won't hurt them, we went in to get ready for the night life! We started by going to the Shark Reef which was really cool.

We were pretty sure this baby was DEAD unitl we bothered it and bothered it and poked and tapped and pretty much anything else you can think of until it finally moved its eye.

Here are just some more fish pictues, the underbelly of something weird, a giant fish, little shark....
and here is the winner of the dumbest looking fish award. Brady and I got one look at this monster and could not stop laughing. It just floats around with no purpose and practically swims right into things, it was hilarious.

Then we both got to pet this sting ray, it was slimy.

After the Shark Reef we went to Tournament of the Kings! WOOO HOOO!

We sat in the Russian section and has the sexiest/NASTIEST czar we had to cheer for. Oh boy I wish we could've gotten a pic of him. What a catch...not. It was a little dirty there but I would have to say that overall it gets rousing HAZAAA! (with both hands in the air). Haha. They served us these dinners

With no utensils. But, the BEST part was that the waitress would come out with these things STACKED on top of each other, like 10 in one arm and then just kinda slap them down in front of you. It was hilarious.

If you think the night was over, you would be wrong.

After that.....we went over the the Wynn and walked around some more, looking for a good gelato place cause it is our new guilty pleasure. We found one and got some. We were there for a little while. On our way there though, we were driving down the strip and all of the sudden we got this ingenious idea to roll down our windows and bother the people on the sidewalk. We would shout and duck, throw ice, try to high five the bikers. A little immature I suppose but oh sooo much fun. I guess the Tournament of the Kings just got us all riled up. So finally after a very fun filled night we decided to retire to our wonderful hotel rooms. Brady and I were just getting ready to relax when I went looking in my purse for my Blackberry. Mind you I have only had this sexy little thing for maybe 2 weeks. I love it. I had to put it in my purse cause my dress had no pockets. So Im searching for it, slowly at first then frantically dumping out my purse and it is NOWHERE to be found! I couldn't believe it. I could only remember bringing it out once that night, but could remember thousands of places it could have fallen out. I was hysterical. Asking Brady if he had seen it, where was it, he's looking. The next thing I know I'm alone in the room. I look for a few minutes more and then decide to go down and find Brady. I get in the elevator and go to the lobby and as the doors open Brady is standing there, Blackberry in hand. LUCKY LUCKY me, of all the places it could have been, it had fallen out in Katie and Stephenson's car.....unbelieveable. We were so relieved. Sorry this was so long, but Vegas wasn't even the end of our fun filled weekend. We then headed up to St. George on Saturday morning and met up with 3 more couples. That is a whole other post. This one has taken so long that it might take me few days to recover and post about that.....