Monday, December 22, 2008

Lucy's Photoshoot

So my cute neighbor Dana called me up the other day and asked if she could take some pictures of Lucy. I was excited and of course I said yes. She was just wanting to get some experience and get her name out there because she wants to start her own photography business. I think she has talent and you can check it out at Anyway, here are some pictures of Lucy's big day.

Monday, December 15, 2008


This is the first year since we have been married that we aren't going anywhere for Christmas. We usually switch off years with the other's family but this year because we were blessed with an early present, we are staying here. It actually works out really well because Brady's brother is coming home from his mission a few days after Christmas so his family will be here anyway and a lot of my family is here because of school and work and my Mom is here too because of Lucy. Anyway, I was so so SO excited because we finally got to get a tree! A REAL tree too :) I always grew up with them so I'm hooked. Here it is, a little sucker, but I just LOVE it!

Also, Lucy had her 2 week appointment on Friday. She is doing great! and getting chubby cause she gained a pound! :) So cute, Brady can not wait for her little cheeks to keep chubbing up. Here's a pic. Her hair is so fun to play with, in this one, Brady gave her a part and made her look like a little school boy. It was hilarious. Plus, I think she looks kind of mischevious......

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Some labor and the 1st Week at Home

Lucy is doing great! She is sleeping so I thought I'd seize the opportunity to blog about how labor and the hospital was and how she's doing. It's a long one so buckle up :) Thanksgiving came and we were able to enjoy it. Brady's family came and they have a long standing tradition of going shopping on black Friday. Naturally, I wanted to go, 9 monthes 2 days pregnant and everything. I had been feeling great and so I decided to go. We left around midnight and went to South Towne Mall then Target, Kohls and WalMart. I wasn't in pain or anything at all the whole time. I finally get home and roll into bad at about 9:00am. 11:00 I get up because I feel like I have to go to the bathroom and sure enough on my way to the bathroom my water breaks. Long story short, and a few calls later we are being admitted to the hospital and it's about 12:30. I only started to feel real contractions after my water had broken and we were on our way to the hospital. They were not very regular so they started me on petocin and I began enjoying contractions. After I felt like I had suficiantly experienced all contractions had to offer I admitted that I was ready for my epidural. Too bad, there was a C section going on so I had to wait another half hour before I was able to get it. I was really nervous about it but now I will admit it is about the greatest thing ever. That was at about 5:00. They checked me then and I was only a 2. We were expecting to have her sometime in the middle of the night. We were proven wrong. When they checked me at 7:30 I had dialated to a 7 and by 8:00 I was fully dialated and they wanted me to rest and descend for an hour. 9:00 comes and I start pushing with the nurse. She says we will probably push for a half hour before she calls my doc to come in. Luckily, 10 minutes later she is on the phone with the doc and he is on his way. Waiting, waiting, waiting. He gets there and after only a few more pushes and some major encouragement by Brady (who was incredible during the whole thing) she arrived at 9:55. Woah, it was pretty quick. She was healthy and no major problems. What a blessing and a miracle. The rest of the time in the hospital as great and we came home Sunday night. Her first week home has been a lot of adjusting but in a good way. She is sleeping and nursing really well and with the help of my Mom even the nights haven't been too too bad :) Brady can't get enough of his new little girl. She doesn't do too much yet but we still can't resist taking so many pictures of her. Here are a few. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lucy Arisa

Lucy is here! She was born Friday night at 9:55. 8 big pounds and 20.5 inches. Everything went really smoothly and Brady, she and I are all doing well. I promise to post more later with some pictures I just don't know how long she's gonna sleep right now...... :)