Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 2 San Diego Zoo

I swear ever since I have been alive I have been DYING to go to this zooLucy and her cousins
and of course, Lucy NEEDED her own koala....she didn't let go of that thing practically the entire time we were there
Pandas, so cool! This zoo is HUGE!
Lucy got to pet a "real" elephant
Big cats

This zoo seriously was so awesome. Brady and I didn't know that it closed at 5 (why would they close then?!) so we just kept going around while the rest of the group waited for us in the parking lot (we didn't know!). But as a result of our ignorance, we got to see the entire zoo except for one small area. It was a lot of walking but I like to think that my calves are reaping the benefits :)
Driving home on the freeway this was a nice surprise! It was super dark but we seized the opportunity and snapped a few pictures.


The Bawdens said...

Looks like tunz of fun!!! Lucy is so cute.

Malerie said...

totally going here.
don't know when, don't know how... but i'm doing it. really jealous.

Dial Family said...

I wish we would have had MORE time at that zoo.. So wanna go again!! Loved it!! Does Lucy still love her Koala?