Thursday, September 4, 2008


We just got back from a wonderful trip to St. George. We were lucky enough to go with the Laynes and the Coonradts. Tracy's parents were gracious enough to let us all crash at their house and it was soo nice. It felt just like being at home, perfect for vacation! When we go to Cali to visit Brady's family it is like a true vacation. No work, no school, no time schedule or responsibilies just pure relaxation and chill. That was how this vacation was and it was exactly what we needed. We have tried to go on several vacations this summer and for one reason or another they have all been cancelled. When this opportunity arose we jumped on it! Brady has been working hard all summer and definitly deserved a break, which this trip definitly provided. Not only were we able to relax, swim and play but Tracy's parents have peach trees and yes, they are in season! Oh my goodness it was incredible. Think of anything you could eat that has peaches and is delicious and we probably ate it. Peach pie. Waffles with peaches on them. Peach cobbler..or slobber as Tracy says haha :) Peaches Peaches Peaches. Not only that but we were sent home with almost a whole 5 gallon bucket full! Unbelievable and delicious. The only downside of the whole weekend...Brady and I got burned swimming on the last day.....the car ride home was a little rough but lots of aloe and a few days later we are recovering. Thank you Jon and Tracy for a great weekend!


Paul*Cat*Hallie said...

oH pEaChEs!!! So yummy! I'm glad you guys had a good time, sometimes a weekend get-a-way is just the ticket! Wish we could have joined you! If you have some extra fuzzy bundles of deliciousness I have an amazing fresh peach pie recipe...I will email it to you :)

Stephenson and Katie said...

ummm I want some peaches!! Do you have any left?! I LOVE peaches! We are so sad we missed out- we need to get plannin the next trip down there :)

Michelle said...

How fun :) Sorry about the sunburns. You two definitely deserve a fun vacations before Baby Girl George arrives!

Ariel said...

we had so much fun on friday! thanks again for having us over. i've had hot pocket in my head all weekend :) and i REALLY want that recipe. don't forget.

i'm sad about the ward split. we'll miss our friends on caleb!

Sami said...

Miss you miss you miss you! Stupid school. I hate school. Too bad it's necessary.

Next Tuesday wanna hang out? We could do some maternity pictures! Let me know. I'm off to Disneyland this Thursday. Booyah!