Friday, September 26, 2008


This might be the time of year when I miss NY the most. It is so beautiful there in the fall and sorry Utah but you just can't compare. Everyone here thinks the leaves change and its great but they have no idea what they are really missing. 2 months of beautiful comfortable temps, cute sweaters with no need of a jacket, scarves and cute hats without the rest of the bulky winter attire. Here we are only offered about a week of "fall" that is disguised as the week between when the temp goes from 90 to 50. Oh well, we have to take what we can get. Atleast we still get apple cider! Yumm. And pumpkins. I was so excited about fall this year for some reason, maybe because it signifies the closing in on my due date for baby, but for whatever reason I just couldn't wait. I already put up my fall decorations and set out candy corn for lucky visitors :) It just needs to cool down a little during the day for it to feel more like it!


Stephenson and Katie said...

Candy Corn? We are SO there!! Seriously, I freakin LOVE candy corn! I love fall too- I wish it would hurry up and get here. I'm sick of this 80 degrees crap!

Dial Family said...

I love fall as well Gretchi. I would love to see NY in fall. I can only imagine seeing if from movies that have done fall shots in NYC, but Im sure it's more glorious when your outside NYC. Wish we were there for the candy corn, that sounds yummy. HOw's the baby bump contest going? YOu have to post your baby room!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Sami said...

I agree! Fall is definitely the best season ever, and it is WAY too short here in Utah. I am all about long sleeve/sweater weather. Maybe because 3/4 of my closet is long sleeves?

Anyway, my phone is broken (again) but we wanted to invite you guys down tomorrow. Unless it's your turn. I don't remember. But we want to get together tomorrow if you can. And we should definitely take maternity pictures if you are up to it. Let me know. Miss you guys!

-Wes and ValaRee- said...

I completely agree. I lived in Pennsylvania for a few years and I couldn't believe how bright the colors of the leaves would get. And there were soo many trees! It really was beautiful!!