Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lucy's Loot

We went shopping to Old Navy for our date night last weekend. It was awesome. We got a cart and went around throwing whatever we thought was cute in there. I should have posted a picture but Lucy ended up with:

2 pairs of CUTE jeans for this winter
1 adorable swimsuit
1 short sleeve hoodie
3 little shirts
1 pair brown pants
1 pair cute shoes
1 white onesie
1 pair shorts
1 summer dress
That's all I can remember without going in her room and bothering her while she sleeps. Oh and I got a pair of flip flops! I think it's hilarious that Brady and I never even discussed whether or not the money would be for us or Lucy, it was just a given, all for Lucy! It's crazy how that happens.

The cashier didn't think our coupon was real, she looked at it, looked back at me and said, uh I've never seen a coupon for $75 dollars off, where did you get this? It was funny. But it worked and I even had a little gift card so we ended up paying $21 for all those goodies. A-mazing.

Also, Lucy has a new trick, check it out.

I'm such a big girl, I drink my prune juice all by myself and it makes my tummy feel better.

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k8e said...

Ok, now I'm really wishing I had a $75 coupon! LUCKY! LUCKY GIRL! These pictures are really cute too! I absolutely love her expressions! I kept talking about it all the way home SUnday night. She is a cutie!