Sunday, February 15, 2009

Go Lucy!

So Lucy and I were just hanging out the other day and she did this!! I love being a mother.


jamirodana said...

Yay! I can't believe she is already doing that:) Haha.
Fun! Fun! Fun!

Ariel said...

that's so cute! seriously, she must be a genius if she can do that already :)

Dial Family said...

YOu are in so much trouble!! Next is crawling!! And then walking!! ONce that all starts your gonna wish she went back to just sitting there. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!! Emma and Lilly watched that and emma said, "I can do that.." And Lilly says, "Me too, me too!!"
It was so funny!! WE LOVE THAT GIRL!! GOOOO LUCY!!

Gina said...

Oh my word, Lucy is wonder-baby!

Erik and Katherine said...

What a big girl!!! Aw, she is so sweet. How great that she can roll over so early.