Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baby Legs

The other night we had a learn to make baby legs/American Idol party. I have to say it was so fun! These things are ADORABLE and so easy to make!! Thanks for coming everyone and I hope you enjoy your baby legs! Heres Lucy and her homemade baby legs.
Look closely, Catherine painted her toenails!

I cannot get enough of these things, I want to put her in them everyday! If anyone sees cute knee high socks anywhere let me know so I can keep making her more...... :)


jamirodana said...

Hey, I want to learn how to make those! Can they work on toddlers too? If not, cute baby shower gift idea. I will call you later for instructions.

Stephenson and Katie said...

OH my gosh I LOVE that outfit!! It was evern CUTER in person! YOu really should post the instructions, and start a business selling them!!

Sami said...

I love these pictures of her. She is so cute in her little socks and her cute painted toenails!

Walkers said...

that's a way cute outfit!!!
it was way fun coming over and learning how to make them.. we need to have another baby legs party and this time i'll bring socks!!

Lucy is so freaking cute!!

Michelle said...

Gretchen, you are the best! I LOVE Macey's baby legs. By the way, they have a whole bunch of cute ones online at Target. I bought some cute ones at the Union Heights Target and love them...if only I knew how to sew...let's hope I don't ruin them :)

Candace said...

Your post is adorable, your baby is such a cutie, and I really do want to make some of those baby legs. They are so cute! We'll have to talk!

our fantasy said...

Gretchen, I saw your blog through someone else and just had to say how much I love these baby legs. Im getting ready to have my first little girl and would love if you could tell me how to make some. Im sure your so busy but if you have some time do you mind stopping by my blog or emailing me?
Thanks a ton!
my email-
PS. Lucy is seriously the most beautiful baby I have ever seen!

Paul*Cat*Hallie said...

Okay...I am addicted! I make Hallie wear her mini skirt every day with a new pair of baby freakin' cute I can't stand it! You are amazing!!!