Monday, January 19, 2009

Lucy's Blessing

This is a little late but we blessed Lucy earlier this month, on the 4th. It was really amazing. Brady did an incredible job. She was really good, she didn't cry at all! Afterwards we had friends and family over to our house to celebrate. Here are some pictures of the day.

Here is Lucy in her blessing dress. It is the same dress that I wore along with my 3 other sisters and Lucy's cousin Kaitlyn. I love it.

Here we are happy and enjoying the company.

Then we passed her off so Grandma George could hold her. She looks like she's fightin' somethin fierce and guess what, she was.....

Grandma had to pass her back because Lucy had a HUGE blowout, so bad we had to give her a bath! So then she ended up in this outfit :) It was so funny!


Stephenson and Katie said...

That WAS a good day- great blessing, great time hangin out, and of course fabulous food :) Lucy looks adorable in that dress, and her parents are lookin good too!!

Chris and Tara said...

That was such a great blessing. Thanks for having us.

Dial Family said...

Emma is sitting next to me as I'm checking out your recent post and she says, "HEY, that's Uncle Brady, Aunt Gretchie & Lucy!! Ahh, Lucy look so boo-tiful." She's so funny. I love this blogging for the fact that my kids can still in some way keep in touch with their aunts and uncles... So cute!!