Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Babies

The girls loved Halloween.  Why wouldn't they, free candy and dressing up!  Lucy especially was into it this year, it was the first time she's really starting to get it.  It was super cute to watch her say "trick or treat" run around to the doors.  We trick or treated at this nursing home, we've gone every year, and it's really sweet.  Lucy is always so cute, this year, she told all the people, I have to get one for Rhubarb.  So she would get one for herself, then get another one and put it in Ruby's bucket.  So sweet.  We also had a chance to go to Cornbellys which is a really fun place for kids that is right up the street from us.  They have pumpkins, rides, big bouncy pillows, haybale mazes, and more.  The girls had a great time.  Lucy is also swinging and playing outside in our backyard.  She loves it, she could swing out there all day!  Pumpkin carving was really fun, she wanted a cat on hers!  She wasn't afraid of the slime and guts either.

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The Johnson Family said...

Lucy is such a good big sister! I love both of their costumes. So cute!