Thursday, May 20, 2010

Give It a Love

We took Lucy to see the tulips a few weeks ago.  She will snuggle up to almost anything that you tell her to "give a love", so was the case with the tulips.  I love the picture of her on the bench because I think it's the first time in her life that she has looked chubby.  She's never been a chubby, rolly baby so it's extra cute.


jamirodana said...

Breck totally does that too. So funny:)

Malerie said...

i can't believe how big she looks! she use to be only a little bit bigger than oaks... but i think she passed her up by a lot now!
we need to get together soon and have a play date!

joven said...

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Sami said...

Wow. You updated! She is adorable, and it was so fun to see you guys a few weeks back. We need to get together more often than every nine months!

dave + kirst said...

nice gretchen! you actually blogged. i'm proud ;) and lucy's too cute!

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Jan said...

Really lovely photos!

joven said...

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