Saturday, September 5, 2009

The 9 month old Lucy

At 9 months Lucy loves to:

pretend she knows how to walk
be a body climber
give kisses
smile her little hillbilly smile (she's got 3 teeth...)
eat turkey

read her books
have her hair in a mowhawk
eat yogurt
dance with mommy and daddy
laugh hysterically when you surprise her
climb under the shower curtain while mom or dad is in there and get all wet
play with this unsightly (and annoying) singing toy mom got her
follow mom or dad from room to room
be tossed in the air
sleep 12 1/2 or 13 hours at night
eat waffles
chew on or bite...everything!
be super curious
pose like a model while helping do the laundry
clap her little hands
stand solo without holding onto anything (daredevil!)
be a little petite :) at 18lbs 11oz and 28in long
play in mommy's closet
eat grapes

She is getting so big! We cannot get enough of this little angel, she bring so much joy, we LOVE her!


Sami said...

EEK! She is NOT nine months. Why does time go so fast?

Brady and Gretchen said...

You're telling me! I am appalled.

Dial Family said...

We have so enjoyed living closer and seeing loads more of her... She is such an angel and I know a few more little girls would agree... Loves and kisses squishy!!

Walkers said...

i love her.
she is so cute... she's gonna be walking in no time!!

Stephenson and Katie said...

The nine month old lucy is SURE cute.... Love that first pic!

tracylayne said...

Holy blue eyes! That first picture is so cute! Seems like baby lucy was born yesterday... how fast the time goes.

dave + kirst said...

she's totally adorable gretchen! you and brady make nice babies ;D glad to see you finally posted again - shesh!

Paul*Cat*Hallie said...

Ahhh Luce you are such a little rockstar! Happy 9 months!