Monday, June 22, 2009

Goin Back to Cali

Brady, Lucy and I just got back from our Cali vacation! It was awesome. Brady's little brother graduated from High school so we went back to see that and stayed for a week and a half. We were definitly in need a Cali vacation, we hadn't been back there in a year and a half! Lucy was really good in the car, considering its a 9 1/2 hour drive! She slept a little bit but mostly was just awake and playing with her toys. Little angel. I took a lot of pictures....

We got to go visit Aunt Robyn and Uncle Jake (my oldest brother) and cousins, Nick, Carly and Annelise. They live a little less than an hour away from Brady's parents. We love to be able to see them whenever we go to Cali and this one was especially fun because they had never met Lucy!

Lucy and cousin Nick

Lucy and cousin Carly

Sweet little Annelise

Everyone (too bad it's a little blurry!)

Brady's brother got graduation ballons and Lucy was obsessed with them! Such a little grabber.

I love this one cause she's peering at me like, this is MY balloon

While we were there Lucy was teething the whole time! By the time we left she had 2 very noticable teeth. I guess she found a way to ease the pain because she would not stop making this face:

and drooling. It was hilarious.

Having fun with Great-Grandma Cooley :)

Note to self: Carrots are a great teething tool. She left little bite marks in em!

Brady's sister also came for the graduation. Lucy had so much fun playing with her girls.

Lucy and Lilly. Apparently Lucy thinks she is much bigger than she actually is. Haha.

We were able to take Lucy to the park for the first time! She loved loved loved it! There is only so much a little girl like her can do at the park but she did it all! It was so much fun.

She had such a good time in the swing.

Baby and Daddy, super cute.

She had this look on her face most of the time while we were swinging :)

Takin a crack at the slide

Another thing for her to play in!

Baby and Mommy

Brady's mom has some beautiful flowers. I couldn't resist taking Lucy out there for some pictures.

One of the last days we were there we were able to drive up to Tahoe. It's about 2 1/2 hrs from Brady's house. It was a little chilly but still so worth it! We had lunch on the beach, rode on some bike trails and were able to walk through these cool old historic houses.

Oh yeah, we found these on a playground there and couldn't resist the photo op!

So strong!!

These houses were really cool

Lilly is so cute! She is like a photographer's dream come true. You tell her how to pose and she just does it. Oh so cute.

One final picture.

Our trip was aweome but we are glad to be home :)


Walkers said...

so cute!
it looks like you had tons of fun!

i think i did win on pictures though! :)

Dial Family said...

So much fun!! I am loving the pix you got, esp of lucy on the swing and the monkey bars and also Lu's little photo shoots at the historic houses.. SO CUTE!! I have to get copies!! Sucha fun trip...

Erik and Katherine said...

So how adorable are her playground pictures! She is so cute and I love the face she is making on the swing.

Michelle said...

I am glad the trip to Cali was a success, but I am even more glad you guys are home! I haven't seen you in forever. We need to get together and soon :)

Sue said...

Now I know what Darin was talking about - she is so cute and I love the picture of her on the rings.

Linzy said...

Love all the pictures of Lucy! She's growing up so fast!