Monday, October 20, 2008

Castle of Craziness

On friday night we got hooked up with some sweet VIP passes to Castle of Chaos (thanks Darlings!) and I have to say I was a little on edge because Ive never been to a haunted house and this one is rated one of the scariest or something like that but Im not gonna like, little dissappointed with the haunted house but a still a blast to go to with some friends! But only if you get VIP passes cause the lines were huge and LONG! but we didn't have to wait :) Scariest part of the night, a creepy guy jumping out from behind a car in the parking lot! So funny.

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Sami said...

Gretchy, I'm planning on tomorrow before the shower. How does 5:30 ish sound to you? Let me know. I would have called but my phone is still broken and I can't make calls. (I'm getting a new one tomorrow!)

By the way, what do you need? Did you say you need some P.J.'s for her? Let me know. I want to make sure it is something you need.