Wednesday, July 9, 2008

and the obvious decision is.....

C'mon give me a break!!! If the looks alone aren't obvious enough who to choose (I know that sounds shallow but...) if you watched the show you would have seen what an incredible guy Jason was!!
Yay Jason
Or even better yet, can you believe she got rid of THIS guy?! I think that they drugged her so their ratings would go up. There is NO other explanation for this kind of horror.


Stephenson and Katie said...

I am so with you girl! I might have to stop watching the show because I can't take the stupid decisions anymore!!

Ariel said...

i only watched the finale... but i was absolutely certain that she would choose jason! jesse was sooo not cute. and sooo a snowboarder! who marries the snowboarder!? :)

Chris and Tara said...

For the most part, I agree with you. I totally wanted her to pick Jason and thought she would. However after seeing them at the "After the final rose" I've decided that they are really cute together. Ü I must admit that I was happy when she gave Graham the boot though. I didn't like him much.