Friday, April 4, 2008

Long Overdue

So I haven't posted for awhile....sorry guys! Here are a few updates!

This is Brady's birthday cake! His birthday was on Monday and it was a ton of fun (thanks Dobsons!) I couldn't wait to make him this cheesecake because I found the little springform pan to make it in back in November and have kept it a secret since then. I made him a cheesecake the first year we were married for his birthday and it was way to HUGE for the two of us to eat so when I found the little pan I was really excited. It is so cute I think and only like 2 inches high and maybe 4 across :) I don't know if you can tell from the picture how small it is. His mom sent him this:

It was this giant card that he unfolded and the candy was numbered so that when you put it all together it reads a cute message and the names of the candy bars are part of the message. Cute!
Anyway, he had a great birthday and thanks everyone for celebrating with us!

Next, ever since we moved here I have been dying to do something about the mirrors in our bathrooms. I hate hate hate how they are just huge and stuck to the wall. I really dont like they way they look. So I decided to frame them but have been putting it off because I needed the right kind of saw. My sister in law finally got one so I jumped on that and my mirrors were framed and sexy within just a short time! Here is the before picture:

and here are some afters, I think it makes such a big difference and i LOVE it!

Ill try to post more often! Enjoy :)


Chris and Tara said...

Your mirror does look cute. I've never thought of doing anything to change mine. Hmmm.... Now you've got me thinking :)
Your cheescake looks delicious and very itty-bitty.

tracylayne said...

oh I love the framed mirror!! Such a good idea, I never would have thought of that! You have some serious decorating SKILLZ!!!! And you did an awesome job with Katie's room, I love how it turned out! Come help me now!! :)

Nate and Linds said...

Love the mirror and Katie's room! You're so talented..I need help with my bedroom, I'm in the proces and have been for a while! Sorry about bein anti-social this pas week! I've been really sick and sadly missed out on tons of fun girl stuff:( I'll play catch up..hey I was going to ask if your vixen vinyl was up and running? I have a girlfriend who wants some and I told her about you. Just didn't know if you had a catalog or website or what I need to tell her..? Let me know..

Stantons said...

You make regular wives like me look pathetic Gretchen. You need to stop doing everything amazing.