Friday, March 21, 2008

Vinyl Vixens

It seems like it has been taking forever but I finally feel like I am getting somewhere with my vinyl buisiness. I have been working on putting together a catalog for a while now and I have
even started our blog. I try to create and upload more designs on the blog every day so keep checking back for more. We are going to have a party here soon (I promise!) and it should be fun! We've got these magnet boards that we custom make according to what colors and designs you want and for a good price!, I make big clocks, you can have vinyl put on glass, tile, wood, mirrors, whatever you want, Ill do it for you :) We have tons of designs, fonts and colors. If you see anything that's on there now that you want let me know! Check it out at


david santos said...
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Ariel & Sean said...

gretchen! i love your stuff! the blog looks great! i definately want you to make me a magnet board. i want one just like yours to hang on my pantry door just like yours :)

on a side note: my husband was driving in the car with his friend and he must have been driving behind you. he saw the sign for vinyl vixens and he told his friend that the company sends girls in bikinis out to put up your vinyl siding/fence :)

Tiff and Ryan said...

Cute!! I'm definitely going to get one (maybe 2) when I figure out the colors for the nursery. Can't wait for the party ;)